Email Marketing

The easiest, effective, and affordable way to interact with prospects and existing customers is Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be made effective by interacting with existing customers —by using attractive designs, professional content to stay in constant touch and build strong customer relationships.

Email newsletters are fast and very inexpensive means. One can send them periodically and not continuously as it could be termed as spam by mail servers and this could end up in a negative note by reaching the spam folder of the prospect/customer.

Emails are forwarded to friends from loyal customers or to friends if they find the offer or proposition interesting to share. So one can get new prospects and also peek at the business or organization. It's easy for these prospects to sign up for the mailing list from "Join Our Mailing List" button on the web site. And through regular communication, those interested prospects can be converted into additional loyal customers.

It's quick to send emails, and the results can be assessed with real-time reports. One can also schedule email delivery for most likely time for a prospect to check email, this will increase the likelihood they'll read it and take action.

We can also see the prospects who opened the emails and if they forwarded it to their friends and even if they clicked on the links of the emails. Track who reads and responds

See who opened your emails and tailor the campaign according to the tastes of the customers.

What more! Save on paper and postage and forget about the uncertainty whether the mail reached the right hands or reached the trash bin in the office! There's nothing to print, no stamps to buy, no envelopes to stuff, and no paper cuts.