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Google Analytics is a most powerful and highly sophisticated free web analytics service that tells you everything that you want to know about your website. Using Google Analytics, you can find out the source of visit to your site and the time spent by the user and the No of people who actually showed interest in the product/service that your site is offering.

The best part is that it is also integrated with Google Adwords™ and offers an enterprise class analysis tool that you can use to measure and get optimal results from your online advertising campaigns.

You can analyze the results in as many possible combinations of variables that may be important to your website. We at LeadsForce provide you with the support services that you need to make the most of this service. We can also assist you to identify the top performing indicators for your website and advise you on how to monitor these using Google Analytics.

Our services include:

Implementing Google Analytics code

Though Google Analytics is simple to implement, simple mistakes make all the difference in collecting the data accurately

Using Google Analytics reports

We can get hundreds of reports in Google Analytics with different combinations. We help you extract the key information that is essential in the analysis and improvement and focus areas of the website and utilizing this information in an efficient manner. We help you in navigating Google Analytics and extracting the key points that you need to make a decision about your business

Developing Website’s Key Performance Indicators

A web analytics application is only as good as your ability to extract meaningful information which will assist you in making decisions about your website. LedasForce assists you in this process by working with you to develop key performance indicators that map your business goals to your website.

Integration of Shopping Carts and Other Web Site forms with Google Analytics

Google Analytics has the ability to trace transactions back to advertising campaigns and search engine keywords. Google Analytics can be used to develop an understanding of such actions as:

How long does a customer stay on the website from their first visit to purchase or submit a form.

How frequently does a customer return to the site.

Average order value of the customer.

By typing which keywords, customer got onto the website and purchased the product or submitted an enquiry and much more..

The integration of your shopping cart into Google Analytics can be tricky. LeadsForce assists you with this integration so that you can be confident that you are getting the best results

Tracking PDF files and other non-HTML files

By default Google Analytics will only track the HTML based pages on your website. By implementing other functions of the system is possible to configure it to measure non-HTML files that exist on your site.

LedasForce assists you in implementing the UTM tracking script so that you can measure these other valuable documents

Custom Segmentation

One very powerful feature of the Google Analytics service is that you can segment your reports by setting a custom variable. By using this, you can trace how your visitors behave based on demographic or psychographic variables such as gender, age, interest, etc.

LeadsForce assists you in adding this valuable function to your website.