Inquiry Management

After spending millions on advertising and when some prospective customer really shows interest and you are not able to process the volume of inquiries, it is the biggest disaster than anything in the business.

When we say handling inquiries, we mean quick turnaround. Usually, people who submit their query in an online campaign or an email campaign or calls the service provider in response to an ad, expects quick response.

What do we do?

Maximize your ROI from your online marketing initiatives by quickly and promptly addressing inquiries via phone, email, web form or chat, and qualifying them and passing on hot leads and setting appointment with customers.

As a client, you can focus on your core competencies i.e services or products and we pass on those leads which represent an opportunity for your business so you don’t spend time on unqualified leads.

This will also increase brand awareness and increase the reputation of the company as customers will be over whelmed by responses to their inquiries quickly and knowledgeably, conveying a high level of professionalism to prospective buyers, and enabling internal sales teams to focus on revenue generating opportunities.